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Learn to be a smart shopper

Woman carrying shopping bags

It’s the sale season, especially online.  Even if all those deals seem hugely attractive, here’s how to make the best of them: Make a list: Before you set off on that mega shopping expedition, whether in stores or… Read More

Makeup tricks you’ve simply got to have in your bag


Every girl knows makeup is an essential tool in her beauty kit. But you don’t always have to spend big bucks or a lot of time on it. Just master these little hacks: Lipstick for everything: Lipstick isn’t… Read More

These foods can alter your moods


  We’ve been told that we are what we eat. And it’s true. Besides nourishing and sustaining, food also affects the way we feel. Chocolate Of course, you know chocolate makes you feel good. But that’s not just… Read More

The hottest ways to stay warm in cool weather


Winter is approaching and the evenings are getting cooler. You don’t have to pull out your woolies yet, but here’s what the stylista needs this season. Perky ponchos:  These free-flowing pieces will not only keep you warm when… Read More

A 10-minute workout for you


Too busy to go jogging and not too keen on hitting the gym? These quick workouts will help you burn calories and keep you in shape. ……. Warm up: Wear comfortable clothes, such as trackpants and tee. Warm… Read More

3 Classic cocktails for your home party


  3 Classic cocktails for your home party Up your entertaining game and serve these cool and classic drinks that’ll wow your guests. Mojito 50 ml white rum A few splashes soda water 2 tsp caster sugar 2… Read More

Pink: A round-up of reviews


Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s hard-hitting film about how Indian society views and deals with women has come in for all-round praise. Here’s what the critics are saying: Anupama Chopra in NDTV Movies “A cursory glance of the news will… Read More