A round-up of reviews: The Mummy


The latest in ‘The Mummy’ series hits the screens this week. See what the critics are saying about the film  starring a still fit Tom Cruise.


Neil Soans in The Times of India

Unfortunately, the entertainment value in this franchise-building reboot is thinly spread, leaving you feeling deprived if not cheated. This is a shoddy stab at merging action, mythology, horror and comedy resulting in conflicting tonality.

Stephanie Merry in The Washington Post

Some of the action is thrilling, especially a brilliantly choreographed plane crash that has Nick and Jenny tossed around the cabin before he straps her into a parachute and pulls the cord, whisking her out into the sky. The movie also has a few genuinely funny moments. When the mummy ominously runs her long nails over Nick’s torso, he starts giggling; he’s ticklish, apparently.

Owen Gleiberman in Variety

The new “Mummy,” you may be surprised to hear, doesn’t have a whole lot of show-stopping visual flimflam up its sleeve. Instead, it’s built around a chancy big trick. I’ll herald this with a major spoiler alert (if you don’t want to know what happens in “The Mummy,” please stop reading), though it’s really the essential premise of the movie. Cruise, who is cast as Nick Morton, a freelance raider of artifacts he sells on the black market, isn’t just fighting evil — his character gets inhabited by evil. He is taken over by the spirit of Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), an ancient Egyptian princess who murdered her father, the Pharaoh, and his infant son, all so that she could lay claim to the throne. For her crime, she was mummified and buried alive. (Yes, she’s pissed off.)

Brian Viner in The Daily Mail

However, there are some undeniably slick action scenes, some great stunts and, for amateur Egyptologists, all the cliches you hold most dear: sarcophagi, scarab rings, sphinxes, amulets, pyramids, the lot. I really can’t say pharoah than that.



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