Father’s Day gifts to wow the world’s best dad


Sunday is Father’s Day and it’s time to tell your dad how much you care. Choose a gift that matches his passions and his personality.

For the traveler: Is your dad the ultimate jet-setter, always flying between continents? Surprise him with some luxury luggage. Remember when you buy suitcases and travel bags, quality counts. Travel kits of grooming kits or toiletry will also be appreciated.


For the adventurer: If your father loves the outdoors and an adrenaline rush, buy him a tent that he can use when he goes camping next. Trekking gear or a bungee-jumping trip can also make great presents for the adventurous dad.


For the happy chef: Yes, tough men do cook. If your father likes pottering about in the kitchen, tossing up salads and whipping up desserts, you’ll make him very happy if you gift him a piece of kitchen equipment. A top class knife set will be very welcome, too. For something simpler, get him a personalized apron and oven mitts.


For the music lover: Music makes the world go round. And if your dad is always listening to his favourite bands, you can show him some Father’s Day love and buy him a classy Bluetooth speaker. Then, he can take his music everywhere. Earphones are a good idea, too.


For the gourmet: Perhaps your dad enjoys nothing more than a great meal and fine wine. Take him out on Father’s Day to a really nice restaurant and let him indulge his love of the good things of life.



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