How to add millets to your meals



The ancient grains known as millets are now enjoying a revival and are being celebrated for their nourishing and health-giving qualities. Here’s how you can introduce them into dishes when you cook at home.


Breakfast porridge: Forget over-processed cereals with their synthetic sweeteners. Instead, turn millets into warming, comforting porridges. Slightly toast the millets of your choice and rinse well. Cook in water till soft and mushy. Add milk and sugar or, even better, jaggery, for a healthy breakfast.

Idli and dosa: Replace some portion of the rice you use in your idli and dosa batter with millets. Wash and soak the millets along with the rice and grind to a fine paste. Then, proceed as usual, allowing the batter to ferment and making idli or dosa with it.

Upma: You can use millets instead of rava to make a nourishing tiffin. Toast the millets lightly before making upma. Adding vegetable to the upma makes it tastier and ups its nutrition value, too. Serve millet upma with coconut or tomato chutney.

Salad: Soak a couple of tablespoons of millet and drain well. Stir into salads to add crunch and nutrition to your salads. Millets taste especially good when tossed with lots of chopped parsley and mint and garnished with pomegranate kernels.

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