Celebrate Women’s Day in style



All you lovely ladies out there, it’s here – the day dedicated to celebrating the spirit of women across the world. So, make yourself feel special and make the day count.


Take that leap: Change is almost always good. So, use this occasion to embrace something new and different. It can be something as significant as updating your resume and beginning to look for a career change. Or, simply, get that trendy haircut you’ve been meaning to.


Learn something new: Mastering new skills, knowledge, techniques can be enriching and empowering. Research has also shown that learning something – whether a language, how to play an instrument, or a craft – can be huge mood lifters. So, sign up for that dance class and feel the difference.


Spoil yourself: Most women do double shifts, at home and work, and many hardly find time to pamper themselves. This Women’s Day, give yourself a treat. Splurge in a spa, if you like. Else, get a little TLC with a mani-pedi or even a foot massage. Go shopping, if that’s what gives you a kick and buy yourself something special.


Find some me time: There’s no over-emphasizing the need for slowing down and introspecting. Meditate, if that’s your way of achieving inner balance. Else, find a quiet place and listen to some soothing music. Start a journal, writing down your dreams and ambitions and the things that give you joy.


Empower another: Women’s Day is all about knowing the strength of sisterhood. Help another woman in some way, big or small. Make a kind gesture to your domestic help, make a donation to an NGO that works with girl children, volunteer time and work with underprivileged children.


Happy Women’s Day!

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