A round-up of reviews: Blackmail



Irrfan Khan-starrer Blackmail has been billed as a black comedy. See how the critics have rated the film.


Rachit Gupta in The Times of India


Irrfan gives a solid performance as the average office guy who can’t stand up to his boss, nor to his unfaithful wife. He brings an air of helplessness to his character and keeps a straight face even when he’s plotting and planning the blackmail. There’s a degree of uncertainty in his actions which comes from his goodness – and that’s what adds to the hilarity of it all.


Namrata Joshi in The Hindu


Abhinay Deo sets up the action well and keeps you engaged for a while. However, somewhere in the middle things begin to slacken and you begin hankering for a closure that takes its own sweet time in coming. There is wickedness all around but the film could have done with more sharpness, tartness, bite and sting. It falls way too short of an absurd, madcap, merry lark that it could have very well been.


Raja Sen in NDTV.com


To begin with, Blackmail doesn’t look like an actual movie. The cinematography is sloppy, the lighting poor, the colours miserable. The overall tackiness is so pronounced that it appears intentional, as if the filmmakers were trying to show us life through the miserable protagonist’s bleary eyes, but things stay shoddy even when he isn’t on screen. In fact, they get worse, for the dead-end hero is Irrfan Khan, incapable of giving a bad performance. When he isn’t around, merely the dummy fish remain.


Anna MM Vetticad in Firstpost.com


Without any overt intellectual intent, Blackmail also holds up a mirror to what unfolds when we allow life to happen to us instead of grabbing the steering wheel with both hands. The film dips intermittently though. Among its weakest patches is the superficiality in the characterisation of Reena in comparison with the others, and the ordinariness of the writing of two cameos – if Ranjit’s mother-in-law had not been played by Neelima Azeem and if Urmila Matondkar was not featured in ‘Bewafa Beauty’, there might have been no expectations from either.



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