Get those legs summer ready


As summer arrives, you’ll be wanting to slip into cool shorts and chic skirts. Make sure your legs are looking great so you can flaunt these in style.

Toning is key: You went about jeans all winter and didn’t give much thought to your legs. Now is the time to work on them. Go jogging, sign up for a marathon, hit the gym or do yoga. Shapely legs make a big difference when you step out in short attire.


Groom it right: The beauty salon beckons. Go for a full leg waxing and feel smooth and sexy this season.


No dry legs: Summer can turn skin dry and unattractive. So, don’t forget to keep your legs well moisturized.

Woman putting some moisturiser

Make those feet pretty: You must get a great pedicure before you step out in your sandaled feet.  Splash out on a spa treatment and put on some nail polish. Now your legs and feet are ready to take on the season in style.



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