Get your home ready for summer


As the mercury rises, we look for ways to make our homes cool and comfortable. The trick is to do it the green way.

Turn on the fan: Sure, you’ll be tempted to switch on the air-conditioner and set it at its coolest. But air-conditioning isn’t the best thing for you and it’s damaging to the environment too. So, rely on your trusty old fans. Putting a bucket of water and ice under the fan will increase the cooling effect.


Close the windows: You may think keeping windows open will cool your rooms but, in fact, this brings in hot air during the day. So, keep your windows closed during the day and open them at night to let the cooler air in.

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Change the linen: Opt for cool, breathable fabrics such as cotton for your beds and also curtains. Lighter linen can also be washed more frequently which is a must in the hot season.


Go cool with colour: Make your home pleasant and pretty with pastels and soothing shades this season. An aqua-themed living room is a great idea and you can bring the outdoors in with flowers and lots of potted plants.


Keep the heat down in the kitchen: This isn’t the time of year to be slaving over a hot stove. So, keep cooking minimal and tuck into more fresh fruit, salad and smoothies. Cutting down the heat in the kitchen will have a cooling effect on the whole house.


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