A round-up of reviews: Raazi



Raja Sen in NDTV.com

Besides the intriguing bahu-spy premise, the film presents nothing new to inform the genre: spies have feelings, spies get sappy, spies cry. Even Bond films show us that these days. Gulzar does commendably depict how the other side is just like us – there is a rather clever use of the song AeWatan, a patriotic track sung with equal fervour from both sides – but is the mere fact that this film does not thump its chest enough for applause?

Shalini Langer in The Indian Express

Meghna(Gulzar) paces the film well, fleshing out the characters who make up the Sayed family, into which Sehmat is married, and then gradually turning up the tension as the bride’s cover wears thin. While the ease with which Sehmat sends messages across the border, duping so many people at so many levels, in one of the most high-security houses in the country, is a little dubious, the film is at least professional and thorough about it. It covers most details economically, and doesn’t spare Sehmat the dirt.

Rohit Vats in Hindustan Times

BhavaniIyer and MeghnaGulzar’s detailed screenplay slowly grows on us. It begins like Minecraft and every block finds its place as the game proceeds. Like pottery, Meghna supports the base first and then engraves it with colourful designs. In the process, actors like JaideepAhlawat and Vicky Kaushal showcase their calibre.

SukanyaVerma in Rediff.com

Alia’s greatest triumph is to sink under Sehmat’s anguish while also feel the horror of her cold determination when she announces ‘Watankeaagekuchnahi.’

As Sehmat, she looks at us straight in the eye, dares us to find loopholes in her resolve and see through her panic.Confidence is a mask her kind face wears round the clock and drops only to catch a breather.If anything, her vulnerability makes her even stronger in our eyes.Alia’s metamorphosis from squirrel saviour to savage soldier is what acting is all about.I just feel dizzy thinking about the heights she’ll attain in future.

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