You’ve simply got to grab these summer accessories


It’s the season to give your accessories an upgrade. Here’s what the trendy girl should be sporting right now.

Belt bags: Once a functional travel requirement, useful for keeping your cash and other belongings safe, the belt bag has now become a stylish accessory. And you don’t have to be travelling to wrap one around your waist. Belt bags come in cool colours, materials and styles. Pick the one that matches your personality.


Berets: Headgear acquires a bit of European chic and the beret is back in vogue. Finish off a casual look or even your party wear with a neat beret. Go for solid colours and black is especially hot this season.


Platform heels: If you’ve been teetering around on pencil heels, here’s good news and respite. Platform heels have made a big comeback and you can wear them as high as you like. The funkier the better, too.


Shoulder dusters: If it’s earrings, it’s long ones that touch your shoulders that you should be wearing this season. Tassels and feathers are hot styles and you can either match them with your outfit or wear a contrasting colour.


Matrix glasses: The only shades to slip on this season are Matrix glasses, inspired by the movie of the same name. So, go for these coolers and get some retro style.



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